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Hurdles ncaaniki hjshot put legion natsTriton Invit 2014 (10)

The heptathlon is one event that has seven disciplines that are performed within a two day period.
These seven events test the whole body in areas of strength, speed and endurance; as well as mental strength and perseverance. The competition begins with a 100m hurdle sprint, moves into high jump, then to shot put and finishes the day with the 200m sprint. Day two begins with long jump and javelin follows quickly behind and then the grueling 800m marks the end of competition in the heptathlon.

My advantage in the heptathlon is my ability to throw the javelin and shot put further than the average heptathlete. Usually combined event girls are pulled from specializing in the high jump or hurdles and brought into the heptathlon. But I personally have a stronger background in the throws. It gives me a sporadic boost in points to overcome many of my competitors and move into medal contention at almost every competition.

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