Cheers to a New Beginning

The beginning

Welcome to the journey of yours truly, Nicole Oudenaarden. Also known as Niki; little sister of three, daughter of two, competitor of seven, following the One. I wanted to begin blogging once I moved to the States for University three years ago. With good intentions and a jam packed new adventure, I forgot to create the blog I longed for. Then came the move to Calgary two years later and I thought, “here’s the chance to start that blog.” But once again the new adventures started with new friends, training and a whole new lifestyle. So now here I sit before my computer, three years later than originally planned, ready to reveal my life.

I am a 21 year old heptathlete now based out of Calgary Alberta. My heart longs to run, jump and throw, and I know that that is a gift from God. I was blessed to have grown up in a family filled with energy, and parents who were always ready for the hassle that came with putting their four kids into sports. Our days lacked technology at that point so instead we played endlessly on the trampoline in our backyard, or wore the chains thin on our bikes as we trekked across St. Albert. My two older sisters Lisa and Tamara would let me join in and play volleyball with them on the front lawn in the summer. While my older brother Jordan would practice his slap shots and football tackles on me once I was deemed “strong enough” to withstand the injuries. Growing up as the youngest meant that I always wanted to be involved. I wanted to look just like my sisters, be included in all the games, and run just as fast as them. Growing up as the youngest also meant that I always had a body guard, a protector, a listener, and a best friend. They always challenged me to be firm in my faith and to stay true to myself regardless of what others thought. With these blog posts, you will see a consistent love for my family members whenever they are mentioned. Simply because without the influence from every one of them, I would NOT be the woman I am today.

With that I would love to mention every person along the way that has helped shaped me into the Niki you know now. it would take about 100 blog posts to list all those who I grew up with, who coached me, went to school with, taught me, and spoke with me in passing. I am truly  the community that I grew up in, for they were all supportive becoming a full time athlete.

Being this athlete is the reason many of you have stumbled upon this blog post on my website ( and  ( .  where I want to share my journeys with you. Moments of extreme high’s which have most likely been followed by moments of pitted lows. Regardless I want to be completely honest with you all as I write these blogs. The path towards being an athlete is never a smooth one and my story includes a lot of lessons learned, times of heartbreak and hatred, moments of triumph and one too many injuries to overcome.

Today I just wanted to introduce myself and the launch of my new website. On this website you will have the opportunity to join me as we countdown the days until the 2016 Olympic Trials in Edmonton Alberta this coming summer. To see where I train, compete and travel to while on the pursuit of my Olympic dreams. You can send words of encouragement and help remind me why I love the community surrounding me. You can also sponsor or contribute to my journey ahead if that is something you felt lead to. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, and I will either respond to them privately, or publically if that is your desire. This blog is here so you can follow my track my results and performances, as well So that we can connect on a personal level about my past, present and future hopes and dreams regardless of distance around the world.  My story will be laid out for you on this blog so that I can hopefully show you why I love my sport so much.

My next post will be about the transition from San Diego to Calgary. It will help answer all the “whys” and reasons I left, and will open up a bit about myself and insecurities.

Join the Ride to Rio with me.