Go With The "O"

My Team.


“Team work makes the dream work.” ~John C. Maxwell

For a dream to work it first must be a vision. You need to have individuals around you to push you to be better, and remind you that the pain is only temporary. The girls I train with in Calgary push me further everyday. They help challenge my fears and failures while encouraging me to be better. After training with them for three weeks in the 2014 Summer, I fell in love with their desire to succeed and abilities to help each other. Each one of us brings a gift to the table; if that is the gift of laughter and ability to keep training fun or the gift to provide encouragement and assistance in the technical difficulties. Each girl has a personality like no other which compliments the group as a whole. And to tie us all together is the man with the mission Les Gramantik. He is the brains of the operation, and the man who helped reminded me how much I loved the sport. Without him as a coach my experience in the heptathlon would not be as pleasant and fun as it is today.

This group is more than just training partners. We are friends, competitors, challengers, accountability partners, dancing buddies, assistant coaches, and consistent reminders to be better.

u of g

U of G Natasha Jackson, Rachel Macintosh, Les Gramantik, Rachel Machin, Nicole Oudenaarden, Katelyn Lehner



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